Rotating (Valentine) heart / heart Turning

Let us provide you with a translation of all that.

This is what you're going to make here: a rotating (Valentines) heart, for which you need just a few simple things!

This is what you need to make this:
  • A battery (AA) A strong magnet 
  • A piece of electricity wire 
  • A cutting tool 
  • A wire stripping tool 
  • A copper coin 

Step 1: Carefully ... 

Make a dent in the middle of the battery. Be careful: do this at the 'plus' (+) side of the battery, right in the middle. You can use the sharp end of the cutting tool for this, but take care with this job... (if you're not comfortable in doing this, ask someone else to do it for you).

Step 2: Now we will wire stripping and bending 

Take the wire stripping tool and strip about 20 centimeters (about 8") of electricity wire. With this action you will remove the outer layer of plastic and you will end up with only the copper core. After that, bend this piece right in the middle as shown.

Step 3: Stripper committed to this job

Use the stripping tool to make the fold in the wire as tight as possible.

Step 4: Making Heart Shape

Now you can bend a heart shape of the stripped wire with the stripping tool, giving you the upper part of the heart. Take the battery, put the copper coin underneath and then the small magnet.

Step 5: Then, the bottom

At the height of the coin, you create a round piece of wire. Take care: bend one end of the wire to the front and the other end backwards. Tricky little job this is.
Step 6: Tens Lotte
Now put the heart on the battery. Your heart will automatically start turning, caused by the electro-magnetic field. It is rather important that the heart is in balance, with the two sides having the exact same shape. Look at the differences between the first and second heart, the last one is really well shaped. So bend the two sides as equal as you can! Be sure that the lower part makes contact with the copper coin.


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