How to root your Sony Xperia Z1 with C6903 14.3.A.0.757 Firmware

I have been a little late to flash my phone to the latest firmware but hey, just moved and the internet was not connected for a whole month!!!

Once again, Sony has been very quick in releasing the latest but hopefully not the last update to the Sony Xperia Z1. This post will show you how to root you Sony Xperia Z1 with C6903 14.3.A.0.757 Android 4.4 KitKat Firmware in 2 Easy Steps.

Step 1: Upgrade to the new firmware version Download the firmware FTF from your region here , courtesy of the cool guys at XDA Developers. I downloaded the C6903 14.3.A.0.757 Generic SG 1276-7937_R3C firmware for Singapore, though I am using the phone in Australia as this version has chinese and japanese input support. If you already have this latest version on your phone you can skip this entire Step 1. However you will still need the Flashtool downloaded as that is also used for step 2.

Using FLASHTOOL (download here), make sure you have the latest version and flash the C6903 14.3.A.0.757 Generic SG 1276-7937_R3C FTF into your phone. To flash, turn off your phone then put into Flashmode mode by connecting usb cable with down volume button depressed to pc. Then click the lightning icon in flashtool and select flashmode. You will get option to select the firmware FTF you want to flash.(make sure the firmware file is in the firmware folder of flashtool)

Step 2: You will need Doomlord’s Advanced Stock Kernel with CWM Recovery . Once again launch FLASHTOOL, turn off phone and put into fastboot mode by connecting usb cable with up volume button depressed. Click the lightning icon and select fastboot mode then click on the right side select kernel to flash, select the unzipped boot.img file which you had just downloaded from above. Reboot and install SuperSU on your phone from the google play store for free and you will then have root with SuperSU.
NOTE :: This process requires an unlocked Bootloader. If you have a locked bootloader check out my other post here for info on how to unlock it. or you can try to use flashtool the BLU icon to unlock your bootloader. Either way you will need the code from Sony.

Addit :: In case installing SuperSU does not give you root access, you will have to download the SuperSU zip file from this link , copy it into your phone/sdcard and install it with the CWM Recovery. To use CWM Recovery just press up volume when you see the purple light after rebooting (purple light will come on every time you reboot phone if you done Step 2 correctly).


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